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Insurance for Saudi International Students

International students in Saudi Arabia will find that studying in Saudi Arabia can open many doors, as the country offers a variety of universities for students to participate in and learn in the environment that best suits them. Public universities, men's colleges, girls' colleges, health colleges, technical colleges, and private colleges are just some of the options available to international students in Saudi Arabia.

Higher education system

The Ministry of Education sets the standards for the educational system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The higher education system is similar to the educational system in the United States. International students in Saudi Arabia can generally earn a bachelor's degree after four years and a master's degree two years after their bachelor's degree and a doctorate three years after a master's degree.

Studying in Saudi Arabia promises special programs for each student that correspond to the needs of the country, communication interests between the government and educational agencies, specialized degrees up to the graduate level, government scholarships and more. Foreign students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can study at public or private universities accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Most courses in the fields of technology and science will be taught in English, while other subjects will be taught in Arabic.


Studying in Saudi Arabia is an achievement in itself, as a minimum score of 75 percent is required for admission to science and arts programs, along with an entrance exam and a high school diploma. Admission to one of the technical colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may include a general secondary education certificate, a high school diploma, or a commercial high school diploma. Admission requirements may vary by school.


International students in Saudi Arabia will have the opportunity to directly experience the unique culture of the country. During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims gather to celebrate Al-Fitr with celebrations that can last into the evening. In Saudi Arabia, international students will experience what it means to have a family at the root of a social structure and learn to prioritize family responsibilities.

Studying in Saudi Arabia can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many international students. Although most international students in Saudi Arabia will find what they are looking for, international students are encouraged to research the best schools in Saudi Arabia and decide for themselves whether this educational path is right for them or not.

health insurance

Saudi Arabia states that everyone who lives in the country is covered by a health insurance plan, so even if you will only study in Saudi Arabia for a short period, you will need health insurance. As an international student, your plan should cover basic medical needs, as well as things like medical evacuation and repatriation.