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The basic criteria when purchasing an auto insurance policy in the United Arab Emirates

The basic criteria when purchasing a car insurance policy in the UAE
Car insurance is mandatory in the UAE and vehicle registration cannot be obtained without it, but there are some criteria that must be taken into consideration when purchasing a new insurance policy or renewing the existing one.

Looking for the best insurance policy:

Determining the type of insurance coverage that meets your needs is of great importance when searching for the appropriate car insurance policy, and the customer can choose between comprehensive coverage or third party insurance.

Providing protection in various circumstances:

Although the third-party car insurance policy covers damages caused by a third party, there are several benefits that can be added when purchasing a new basic auto insurance policy:

Off-road damage and accident repair service
Covering personal injuries to the driver and his accompanying passenger.
Geographical scope of coverage: In the case of insurance coverage in the United Arab Emirates only, or in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council or other countries.
The features of an auto insurance policy can assist the customer in obtaining the coverage that best suits his needs.

Repairs within the agency in exchange for repairs outside the agency

The benefits covered by the insurance policy can include repair of vehicle damage from accidents and more within the approved dealership, providing significant benefits in exchange for repairing it outside the dealership in the auto store.

In the event that the insurance coverage does not include repair of cars within the approved agency, damage repair is added in the workshops approved by the insurance company, and agency repair is generally available for cars that were manufactured two or three years ago.

Evaluate the price of the insurance policy

The price of the car insurance policy depends on the following:

Vehicle model and year of manufacture.
The date of issuance of the driver's license and the country of issuance of the driver's license.
The current market value of the vehicle and past insurance claims.
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