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Al Rajhi Health Insurance Takaful

Insurance services

Insurance services are defined as financial services provided by specialized companies and banking banks to clients, both individuals and companies. In such a way that products or programs are delivered that aim to compensate and pay fees against possible future risks that entail and cause personal or patrimonial losses or impose responsibilities against other people, and this type of services results in the existence of an insurance policy by which the client's right to benefit from the insurance service is accredited. Specified; In accordance with the conditions agreed in the induction contract between him as the insured and the provider of this service, who is the insured, and in a way that satisfies his needs, expectations and wishes to cover and compensate for possible future losses due to errors.

Al Rajhi Takaful Insurance

Al Rajhi Bank launched for its individual clients; Citizens, residents and companies, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a special program to provide various solutions and options for all types of insurance services, seeking to obtain according to competitive prices and comprehensive and strategic plans that support their needs and expectations, hence the Takaful insurance program, through which the bank is committed to providing easy solutions that meet needs. Clients for insurance, as long as these solutions are compatible with what is being dealt with from the provisions of the Islamic Sharia in the Kingdom, and offer excellent services that meet various needs, including medical insurance for individuals and companies.

What is Al Rajhi Takaful health insurance?

This suggestion is one of the most important insurance products and services that Al Rajhi Bank offers to its clients, while still adhering to ethical principles and fairness. Achieve the best for themselves, their families and their workers, within a set of insurance plans that have been designed to protect the health of the insured at the best possible price and quality, with attention to the focus that revolves around the health of the client , and to ensure the maximum benefit of this program, starting with the consultation, registration and subscription process. Easy and convenient, through renewal and documentation procedures, with the possibility of obtaining discounts, and access to cover all medical expenses and expenses.

Al-Rajhi's Takaful Health Insurance Program provides comprehensive medical care and protection to its holders and beneficiaries when exposed to illness, injury or injury. How it allows the insured to obtain various medical services from the medical and health institutions covered by the system, while providing total or partial protection depending on the type of subscription, from high and unexpected medical costs, especially due to having the following characteristics:

  1. Provide a wide network of medical and healthcare providers.
  2. Extensive coverage.
  3. Fair and fast complaint procedures.

Teamwork protection

Al-Rajhi's Takaful Health Insurance Program empowers small and medium-sized businesses, in which there is a work team, in which each person performs their role to the fullest, the necessary health care, choosing the employer for the adequate insurance package to insure them; As there are many packages that meet the requirements of these establishments regardless of their work, the customer service team helps the employer to choose the right health insurance solutions for him and the needs of his work team.

On the other hand, this program has several advantages: The most important are: the high competitiveness in the subscriptions provided to individual and corporate clients, the rapid implementation of pre-approvals, with access to the electronic portal of insurance policy services, with the provision of a network of 1,100 medical and health care providers in various parts of the Kingdom.

How to Apply for Al-Rajhi Takaful Health Insurance

Any client, be it an individual or a company, can obtain the insurance services provided by Al-Rajhi Bank, register and subscribe to them by visiting one of the branches spread throughout Saudi Arabia, or through the online portal and completing the form subscription, which includes the following information:

  • Personal information: includes name, surname (surname), nationality, age and gender.
  • Financial information: to determine the type of client, be it an individual or a company.
  • Contact information: includes mobile phone number, email, city, region, best time to call, and a promotional code.


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