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How to get a travel insurance policy

Several countries in the world, such as the countries of the Schengen area (European Union), America and Canada, require the purchase of a travel insurance policy (medical / health insurance during the trip) to complete the procedures of the visa application file , travel insurance covers emergency cases that may occur during the travel period such as (illness, death, accidents, loss or theft of luggage, travel delay / cancellation) It should also be noted that travel insurance does not cover some pre-existing medical conditions, or dangerous tourist and sports activities. A travel insurance policy gives you complete protection during your next trip. It is like a certificate and proof that the traveler is insured of her health during the time she will be outside her country of origin.

Types of travel insurance policy by period:

  1. Short trip trip: covers individual trips limited to days, weeks or months.
  2. Annual travel insurance: covers several trips during a year.

Types of travel insurance policy by country:

  1. Schengen area countries (European Union).
  2. All the countries of the world.
  3. All countries in the world except the USA and Canada.

Types of travel insurance policy according to the purpose:

  1. Medical insurance: includes coverage for accident or emergency medical expenses.
  2. Insurance of a group of accidents, which includes: cancellation or change of the duration or date of the departure flight, loss of luggage, delay in timely arrival or the transfer of the body in the event of death.
  3. Liability to third parties according to the conditions and exceptions provided in the insurance policy.

Why a travel insurance policy

The travel insurance policy represents a fundamental coverage for many of the risks to which the traveler may be exposed abroad, which can confuse their time or budget to travel, or cannot comply without this type of insurance.

And since you are outside your country of origin, a misfortune may happen to you, or you need treatment and medical attention, and to receive treatment in Europe you must pay money, if you are not a European citizen. To avoid these potential problems, these countries have agreed with reputable insurance companies in every country in the world to take care of these matters. Where the traveler signs a contract with the insurance company before traveling, and pays a sum of money that covers the period of travel, the insurance coverage and the conditions required by the destination country. In return, the company's insurance company will cover you for the duration of your trip.

Conditions of the Schengen travel insurance policy (European Union):

  • If you intend to apply for a visa to travel to Europe, it is necessary that you present within the visa application a Schengen travel insurance document, as well as other documents.
  • The health insurance policy must be from an insurance company approved by the European Union.
  • The health insurance policy must be valid in all Schengen member states.
  • That the insurance policy covers a value not less than 30,000 euros during the duration of the trip.

Schengen travel insurance coverage and services:

  • The insurance companies hire travelers for a period ranging from 7 days to 90 days, and if the travel period exceeds 90 days, the insured will not benefit from the services of the policy (with the exception of some companies insurance companies that enter into special contracts for a period exceeding 90 days).
  • The travel insurance policy is considered valid shortly before boarding the plane, in case of flight cancellation or loss of luggage.
  • Take care of the transportation costs of the insured or return them to their homeland in case of illness or injury.
  • Take care of medical expenses for illness or injury outside the homeland.
  • Attend the hotel expenses, in case the stay is prolonged due to illness or injury.
  • Attend to the transportation expenses of a family member of the insured, if the hospitalization period exceeds ten days.
  • Insure the transportation costs of the insured's body in the event of death and the transportation costs of the accompanying family member.
  • Sending medicines not available in an emergency to the place where the insured has been referred.
  • Insuring the costs of forced return of the insured, in the event of an accident at home, makes it necessary to return the insured from the trip.
  • Attend the insured's defense expenses before foreign courts, in the event of a traffic accident.
  • Pay the insured the financial guarantees required by foreign courts, and ensure the payment of the litigation expenses.

How much does a Schengen travel insurance policy cost?

Insurance companies compete with each other to provide the best insurance deals, services, and programs. The cost of the insurance policy varies according to (insurance coverage, airline class, travel time, number of passengers, country of destination). In general, the cost of a short-term travel insurance policy ranges from $ 30 to $ 50 per person. You can contact approved insurance companies prior to concluding the contract to inquire about the costs and terms of the contract. The policy may become more expensive if the insured is elderly or participates in risky activity.

Refund of insurance policy fees in case of trip cancellation or unapproved visa application

In case of cancellation of the trip or the insured does not obtain the required visa or for some other compelling reason, most insurance companies are willing to return the prepaid insurance premium, provided that it is requested to cancel the policy and recover the rates at least two days before the travel date concluded in the contract, after deducting the contract rates. Of the value of the fee. As for the insurance companies that do not allow the insured to recover the fees, this is due to the terms of the contract, which stipulates that the insured has no right to claim the return of the insurance premium in any case of the reasons for cancellation of the trip. Therefore, you should carefully read the contract and all the terms of the insurance policy before approving it, to have full knowledge of the scope of the coverage, the amounts of compensation, exclusions and conditions that the company marks in your insurance policy, as well as such as the duties and responsibilities specified in the insurance policy.

Insurance companies approved by the European Union (Schengen)

Insurance companies and aviation unions sell travel insurance policies directly to travelers, and this policy can also be acquired through travel agencies and cruise lines, which provide different and direct insurance benefits to travelers, in accordance with the terms and exclusions agreed between the client and the insurance company. Banks in many countries also provide their clients with free international travel insurance for multiple trips for all family members, as well as for a very small amount, international travel insurance can be added with the annual insurance contract of car.

The following is a list of insurance companies approved by the Schengen area:

  1. Allianz Egypt
  2. AROPE Egypt Insurance
  3. Gras Savoye Egypt
  4. CHUBB insurance company
  5. AXA insurance
  6. Misr insurance company
  7. Egyptian Arab Insurance Group AMIG
  8. Takaful insurance from the Arab East
  9. The Egyptian Takaful Insurance Company
  10. Egyptian Saudi Insurance Company
  11. Al Mohandes Insurance Company
  12. Suez Canal Insurance Company
  13. Wethaq Takaful Insurance Company
  14. BUPA Egypt
  15. Delta insurance company
  16. Charitas HSBC Premier Card insurance
  17. Tokio Marine Egypt Tokio Marine Egypt
  18. Royal Insurance Company
  19. United insurance