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The Advantages of Using a Local Home Insurance Agent

Understandably, first-time homeowners are busy with the excitement of buying a place of their own. It's easy to focus on the new rooms and how your furniture will match the space. But what is often lost in the mix is ​​home insurance, an essential part of finally closing the deal on your dream home.

Before the lender hands you the money (and mountain of paperwork) that allows you to buy a place to call, they will ask you a simple question: Where is your home insurance policy? This is often a question that first time homeowners agree to, so we are here to make the process easy for you. We talk a lot about what to expect when it comes to home insurance here, but first, let's talk about why choosing a local home insurance agent is best.

Getting started with local home insurance

There are several methods that you can use to purchase home insurance. Your lender may have a suggestion. Your real estate agent can get one too. These suggestions may be fine, but they may also have someone else's interests in mind rather than your own.

If you are looking for reliable home insurance, why not consider someone who works and lives close to you, knows the community, and can be held accountable when a crisis occurs. Buying close to home for local insurance agents might be your best option.

Why should you consider using a local insurance agent?

Insurance can be tricky. In summary, home insurance premiums will be based on the risks associated with the home. Your local insurance company will know the best deals to take advantage of and a true understanding of the risks you face in your area. It also outperforms other insurance companies in several ways:

  • Local knowledge

Her local knowledge is unmatched. Travis Pegert is the Sales Director for HUB International.

"Local customers understand the local problems that can arise," says Begert. "For example, your local Oklahoma dealer, which is prone to high winds and hurricanes, understands how important it is to properly explain and cover wind and hail losses. The California dealer has a set of local issues that need to be addressed."

  • Society is the key

The community is a great asset to local home insurance companies. Jason Green works with Carolina insurance professionals in Raleigh, North Carolina.

"Local agents have knowledge of the location of your home and your community, which gives them an advantage over big-name companies that may be located in distant states," says Green. "Local agents who work and live in the same area as you provide personalized service to homeowners seeking insurance."

  • Adding that personal touch

The customer service that comes with a local insurance agent is unmatched. Many clients are developing a strong personal relationship with home insurance agents.

"My agent knows me, knows my needs and preferences, and all it takes is a 90-second phone call with him to establish a new policy," says Brian Davis, co-founder of

"If my premiums are behind, he calls me and doesn't let the coverage lapse while I get paid. He even calls if I have a less expensive policy," Davis continues.

  • Face to face interactions

The ability to handle claims in person is a huge advantage when it comes to choosing local homeowners insurance.

It's vital, says Biggert, with HUB International: "It's always good to have someone you can meet in person for these things so you can get an 'internal checkup,' as buying the right insurance is really important when you have a claim. If and when a fan hits It is a good idea to be able to go to the office and discuss the case if necessary and have a local attorney by your side.

  • Standard cutting algorithms

Online is not always clearer. Many homeowners may think that choosing an online rate will save them time, but will it save them money?

Brent Thurman, president of Keystone Insurance in Provo, Utah, puts online marketers to the test.

"Three years ago, my brothers and I wanted to test the user experience of an online insurance buyer, so we looked at the usual suspects we all see on TV and found something interesting." There is very little education about what they are really selling and there is virtually no interaction, ”says Thurman. Ask questions along the way. Basically, the websites asked us if we wanted "good", "better" or "better" coverage ... but what does that mean? "

  • References are easy to find

Agents with trusted online reviews are always a great place to start. However, is it better to get a recommendation from people you know and trust? Ask your neighbor or friend if they are willing to use their local insurance company.

Ashley Maitre, a local home insurance client, stated, "My dad recommended our local insurance agent when my husband and I decided to buy our home. We have been a loyal customer of his for over 12 years!"

  • Don't be just a number

As we've covered here, local insurance agents are likely to have a more personal relationship with their clients. Those who choose a larger insurance company often receive the same text responses directed at the account number rather than the actual name.

To clarify the point, Green of Carolina Insurance Professionals asks, "Would you prefer to deal with someone who only knows you as your insurance identification number, or would you prefer to work with an independent agent who understands your specific needs and can guide you to find the best solution for them?"

What are the benefits of using a local insurance agent?

By using a local agent, you get several options to improve value:

  1. You are not alone - go with an agent who has hundreds, if not thousands, of policies with a moving company. If a claim issue arises, such as a subscription or billing issue, this operator will want to keep the lead agent happy because they own the huge premium rights that have been created for the operator.
  2. You are investing in a local business - Buying a local agent can save you money as they often have many options to choose from. Local agents donate their time and resources to improve their communities, and when disaster strikes, they will be there to see how their clients are served.
  3. You will have a mentor: Was a pipe cut over the weekend and wondered what to do or if there was coverage? Do you need a local company to extract water that does not benefit you? You may have other life events, such as the marriage or the child going to school, that your local agent can review with you.

What are the specific things you should take the advice of an insurance agent about?

coverage. Find a trusted agent with great reviews online or as a reference from someone you know. Find an agent who asks what is important to you, explains your plan coverage, and discusses the pros and cons of choosing or denying specific endorsements.

What decisions are best left to your insurance agent?

nothing. Insurance coverage is a very personal decision influenced by your location, stage of life, family situation, life experiences, and many other personal circumstances. Only you know what is best for you. Work with your agent to understand your needs, and together you will make a good decision about which provider, coverage, and options to choose.

Be sure to ask the following questions and topics with your agent:

  • What does my policy cover? What is not covered?
  • How do the discounts compare?
  • What is the difference between the replacement cost value and the actual cash value?
  • Make sure you get adequate coverage (basic form, broad form, private form)
  • What are the preventive measures that can lower your premiums?
  • How is replacement coverage different from market value?
  • Why must all receipts be documented? How is jewelery covered?
  • Why is good maintenance important?
  • How can I save by integrating policies?
  • When do I file a claim?

Don't settle for the big Internet-based home insurance companies. By choosing to partner with a local home insurance company, you are investing in a local company, but you are also opting for a more personal experience. Local insurance agents often have a better understanding of your home's features and the coverage you need. They will give you the best rate, they will always welcome you with a real smile and they will call you by name. Don't waste your time with insurance companies that know you as an account number and use standard accounts that steal the best insurance deals from you.