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Top health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi

Whether it's a routine checkup or a medical emergency, having the right health insurance helps you get the best medical care without putting pressure on your money. The UAE government has required sponsors to pay for health insurance costs for their families or employees in the country. Therefore, these health insurance companies allow these sponsors to purchase reliable coverage plans to meet their health care needs.

Here is a list of the best health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi that offer a variety of plans that cover medical, surgical, maternity, and sometimes even dental expenses.

List of health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi

The extensive portfolio of health insurance companies in the capital represents the strategic framework for the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, which strives to maintain a strong health system in the emirate.

Let's take a look at the companies and the types of plans or services they offer.

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC)

Abu Dhabi National Company is a renowned health insurance agency with experience in providing insurance services throughout the Middle East and the MENA region. The company offers personal health insurance plans and corporate health insurance.

While the company's corporate plans meet the needs of organizations both small and large, it offers HALA and SHIFA health insurance plans for individuals. The HALA policy is designed for visitors, while the Healing Plan offers medical coverage for those who live in the emirate.

Shefa is divided into Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze health insurance plans. Platinum covers expenses for those with a chronic condition or in urgent need of medical care, while others manage the cost of regular medical conditions or annual check-ups.

If you are interested in getting a plan at ADNIC Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi, you can request a quote on their website.

  • Location: Multiple, including Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street, Zone 1E7
  • Call: + 971-2408-0100


Daman, one of the most trusted insurance companies in Abu Dhabi, offers vital health coverage plans for individuals and for small and medium-sized businesses. Their plans provide access to a wide network of health care centers and cover hospital, outpatient, maternity and emergency expenses. Your family plan is available with a premium of around AED 800 per year, while your commercial insurance starts around AED 615 per year.

  • Location: Multiple, including Member Services Center, Counter No. 48 Ground Floor, Main Building, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce
  • Contact: + 971-800-432-626

Emirates Insurance Company (EMINSCO)

Emirates Insurance is a trusted medical insurance company in Abu Dhabi. In addition to corporate insurance, it offers local insurance in Abu Dhabi through four plans, ranging from basic to VIP. While the Basic Plan primarily focuses on medical care for manual workers, its VIP plan also includes international coverage. Their standard plan is available to singles and families.

  • Location: Al Zahia, Tourist Club Area
  • Call: + 971-2-644-0400

AXA Gulf 

AXA Gulf provides clients with personalized products and services, and is a popular health insurance company in Abu Dhabi. They offer insurance plans, ranging from Smart Health Global to Smart Health Silver. The global plan covers medical expenses in all countries except the US, at a cost of AED 7.5 million annually.

However, other plans provide coverage in limited countries. Each of these plans includes coverage for maternity, inpatient and outpatient expenses.

  • Location: Building 11 A & B, National Advisory Council Complex, Delma Street - 13 Street
  • Call: + 971-800-292

NAS Insurance

The Abu Dhabi-based insurance company offers a variety of healthcare solutions and plans that meet the requirements of the capital's residents. It ensures the best medical facilities to clients with the help of a claims management system, a dedicated 24/7 helpline service, as well as a team of healthcare providers.

  • Location: NAS United Healthcare Services LLC, 13th Floor, Lulu Center Building, Al Salam Street
  • Contact: + 971-2-694-0800

Oman Insurance Company

With 45 years of experience, Oman Insurance Company is the perfect choice for anyone looking for hassle-free health coverage plans in the UAE. It is considered one of the best health insurance companies in Dubai and also has a branch in Abu Dhabi.

The company offers a wide range of group insurance plans, including the popular Abu Dhabi Employee Protection Policy that covers medical expenses for those earning wages below AED 5,000 and provides additional benefits. In addition, they offer international health plans, in partnership with BUPA Global Individuals.

  • Location: Al Salam Street, Al Markaziyah, Sheikh Nahyan Bin Khalifa Building
  • Contact: + 971-2-612-8444

Al Khazna Insurance Company

Al Khazna Insurance Company has been operating since 1997 and has a strong presence in Abu Dhabi. Through a wide network of healthcare providers, they provide a variety of health benefits throughout the city and beyond. They have an online form where you can add your details to request more information about their policies.

  • Location: Villa No. 86, Al-Radoum Street, East of Al Nahyan Camp (Head Office)
  • Contact: +971 2-696-9700

Al Dhafra Insurance Company PSC

Al Dhafra Insurance Company is a leading insurance company in Abu Dhabi. Provides health coverage to employees and domestic workers. Your group insurance plan covers medical expenses inside and outside the UAE, with premium rates that vary depending on the region and benefits you choose.

Also includes optional plugs for visual and dental exam. They even offer insurance to visitors who developed a medical condition or were injured while in Abu Dhabi.

  • Location: Electra Street (Headquarters)
  • Contact: + 971-2-694-9444


The global health services company Cigna offers strong health insurance plans in Abu Dhabi. They have three policies: regional, international and international plus. All of them give you the flexibility to choose your network layer. The maximum annual benefits for the regional option are AED 2.7 million, while International Plus offers unlimited benefits.

  • Contact:

This concludes our list of the best health insurance companies in Abu Dhabi. Once you have the insurance, you can receive treatment at the best Abu Dhabi hospitals without worrying about the cost. The insurance will also cover the costs of the drugs so that you can buy a variety of prescription drugs at the Abu Dhabi pharmacies.