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Comparing car insurance quotes in California

When shopping for auto insurance, first determine the level of coverage that best meets your needs. The minimum coverage you must receive under state law is 15/30/5, as follows:

  • $ 15,000 for each accident victim
  • Up to $ 30,000 total per accident
  • $ 5,000 in property damage per accident

However, the minimum requirements are often too low to provide adequate coverage. Even minor accidents can cause damage that results in repairs and medical bills that exceed these levels, allowing you to pay the difference. That's why Benny Gosner, Chief Consumer Analyst at, recommends 100/300/100 levels.

Also, the required liability coverage does not cover damage to your vehicle if it causes an accident or if your vehicle is damaged in other scenarios, for example, by a severe storm. Therefore, you need comprehensive coverage and optional collateral. Shamel pays compensation for damage to your car from floods, hail, fire, and vandalism and pays to replace your car if it is stolen. The collision compensates for damage to your vehicle from accidents, regardless of fault, and from striking an object, such as a pole or fence.

Depending on the age of your vehicle, you may not need comprehensive and collision coverage. If your vehicle is more than 10 years old and has a low replacement cost, you may be able to waive this coverage.

If you need more help determining the appropriate level of coverage for your situation, use the auto insurance coverage calculator.

Once you've determined how much coverage you need, compare California auto insurance quotes from at least three auto insurance companies.

In addition to comparing quotes, make sure you get the best deal by doing the following:

  • Check which auto insurance discounts apply to you.
  • Look for affiliate and affinity programs for discounts - AARP and military members can get discounted insurance. Your employer, alumni associations, and wholesale clubs are good places to look for possible discounts. Affiliate discounts can save you up to 25%.
  • Increase your deductible: Increasing the withholding amount to $ 1,000 can save you 40% or more of your auto insurance costs, according to the Insurance Information Institute.
  • Bundle Your Insurance Coverage - Combine automatic coverage with your home or renters insurance policy, and you can usually save 10-12% on the price of your auto insurance.
  • Be a Good Driver - Being a safe driver can reduce your car insurance by 5%. Driving fewer miles annually will also lower your price.
  • Take a driver training course: If you add your teenager to your insurance policy, enroll him in a driver education course, as this can lower his price. Consider taking a defensive driving course to get an insurance discount. Contact your insurance company to make sure they offer this discount, then search online or on your insurance company's website to find eligible local courses.