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Group Health Insurance for Colorado Businesses

Whether you want to purchase an employer-sponsored group health insurance plan or set up an entirely new one, purchasing group health insurance coverage has never been easier.

Colorado health insurance brokers specialize in working with businesses with 1 to 49 employees and offer the best rate guarantee on small group health insurance plans.

Rest assured you're getting the best value with group health insurance quotes available from Colorado's leading group health insurers.

Health insurance brokers in Colorado are experienced group health insurance professionals committed to helping you find the best value for employer-sponsored group health insurance benefits. Your business will save time and money while enjoying excellent personal service that will help you and your employees to be happy and productive.

  • Reduce costs and improve your company's competitive advantage
  • Enjoy more keeping your best people
  • Attract and retain highly qualified employees
  • Reduce recruitment and training costs
  • Warranty issue regardless of health issues

Best Price Guarantee: Health insurance premiums are offered to a small group (2-49 employees) and are regulated by the Colorado Department of Insurance. If you get your small group plan through Colorado health insurance brokers, through another agent / broker, or directly from your health insurance company, you will pay the same monthly premium for the same plan. Enjoy the convenience and personalized service of getting a health insurance plan with Colorado health insurance brokers and be sure to get the best rate available.

If you are self-employed and cover "Group of One":

Colorado Individual Health Insurance

Colorado health insurance brokers have a wide range of individual and family health insurance plans, including health savings accounts, available from major Colorado insurance companies. We will shop around to find the best value for your individual health insurance needs and a plan that fits your budget.

Colorado health insurance brokers have comprehensive and comprehensive premium health insurance plans available to people who:

  • Single or need a family plan
  • It is only necessary to cover the child
  • Free-lancers
  • In a job without interest
  • Independent contractors
  • Between jobs
  • Cobra out
  • People moving to Colorado
  • People who need major health plans
  • Waiting for the benefits to begin
  • you just graduated from school
  • Travel abroad