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How Does the Healthcare System Work in the UAE?

How Does the Healthcare System Work in the UAE?

Healthcare in the UAE?

Health care in the United Arab Emirates is governed and provided at both the federal and emirate levels. While there are public and private healthcare facilities throughout the country, only UAE citizens are eligible to receive medical care and treatment at very low cost or sometimes for free. However, due to the large number of expats, it is estimated that only about 25% of the use of public hospitals is by UAE citizens, with the rest being used by the expatriate population. Private sector healthcare is used almost exclusively by expats. .

The standards of treatment and care in UAE hospitals are high, and due to demographics, it is rare to find crowded hospitals or patients with long wait times for treatment. However, many residents still have to travel abroad to undergo specialized treatment based on their condition.

Having a private and medical insurance package will ensure that you can cover your medical costs during your stay in the UAE.

How can you access healthcare during your stay in the UAE?

Expats can access public health facilities in the UAE, but they need a health card to do so and will still have to pay for any treatment and care they receive. Applying for a health card is easy, as residents simply need to obtain an application form from the hospital and submit the completed application along with any supporting documents they require. Once the resident obtains a health card, it is valid for one year and can be subsequently renewed online.

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, companies are required by law to provide special health coverage for employees.

However, it is recommended that anyone relocating to the UAE for work reasons check their level of coverage and consider obtaining an additional international medical insurance package to ensure that they are fully covered for any medical treatment they require. you need and the costs you may incur.