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Kuwait introduces new compulsory health insurance costing KD130

The Kuwait Health Insurance Hospital Company (Daman) announced that it will provide a new mandatory health insurance worth 130 Kuwaiti Dinars (1,592 Emirati dirhams) for two million residents working in the private sector on visa No. 18. , in addition to their registered families. The Al-Qabas newspaper cited informed sources.

Traditional health insurance will continue to cover the fees for health services for government workers and domestic workers.

Sources revealed that the company has worked to develop the health insurance system currently in place in Kuwait, which is based on separating health insurance from health care costs, as the current resident pays the annual health insurance fees and also pay other fees for services. Treatment and medicine.

The new warranty package covers various annual insurance fees, such as medical expenses, for example, in addition to the expenses of diagnosis, X-rays, laboratory tests, outpatient, treatment, operations, hospitalization and other services.

The sources pointed out that the cost of the new mandatory health insurance will be 130 Kuwaiti dinars, which was approved in accordance with the law, noting that employers are required to pay health insurance fees for their expatriate employees, while fees for Medical consultation and opening of the file have a value of KD 2. For each visit, it will continue and will not be canceled.

Daman confirmed that 50 percent of the company's shares will be listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange by the end of 2021.

Sources indicated that the company's board of directors seeks to match the listing on the stock market with the beginning of the fully operational phase of the health insurance system in order to guarantee the rights of shareholders and achieve greater investment benefits for them.