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More than 2 million Floridians will enroll in Obamacare insurance policies for 2021

Although open enrollment continues through December 15, it is clear that more than two million Floridians will enroll in the 2021 Medicare plans offered through the Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange ( HERE).

According to the Federal Center for Medical Services and Medicaid Services (CMS), snapshot of the fourth week of the six-week open enrollment period in 2021, 871,361 Floridians obtained policies shipped through the exchange from November 1 to November 28. . That's a 7% increase from CMS reported that the first four weeks of the registration period opened last year, when more than a million Florida policies purchased 2020.

CMS statistics do not distinguish between new subscriptions, those that change plans, and those that automatically enroll in Obamacare health insurance plans for coverage beginning January 1.

Because one of the 12 countries did not expand Medicaid under the ACA, Florida has consistently led the number of enrollments on the platform since its inception in 2013.

Of the nearly 4.2 million low-income residents enrolled in 17 $ 30 billion worth of Medicaid managed care plans in Florida, 1.9 million were covered in 2020 by policies purchased through, and that was before the start of open enrollment. By 2021 on November 1, according to CMS.

ACA enrollment in Florida accounted for approximately 20% of the 8.4 million Obamacare recipients in 2019 and about a quarter of the 8.3 million consumers nationwide who purchased ACA switching policies in 2020.

According to CMS, Florida's 871,361 registrations between November 1 and November 28 beat Texas (471,849), Georgia (198,090) and North Carolina (172,311).

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the state's hospitality and tourism industry, enrollment in 2021 is projected to grow by as much as 500,000 policies, part of a projected 16.5% increase in enrollment in Florida Medicaid expected. that continues to rise over the next year and peaks when nearly 4.6 million residents are registered as of January 1, 2022.

Although the number of insurance companies and Health Management Organizations (HMOs) participating in the Florida Health Care Exchange has increased from six years ago to 10 in 2021, increasing competition and reducing policy costs , Florida Insurance Commissioner David Altmire agreed to 3.1% Worldwide. - Characteristic plate height for 2021.

Of the 10 insurances and HMOs participating in the 2021 Exchange, only Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida provide statewide coverage. Celtic Insurance, the second most prolific company, offers insurance policies in 63 of the state's 67 counties.

Under the ACA Healthcare Exchange, people who earn between $ 12,760 and $ 51,040 per year can qualify for tax credits to support the purchase of a health insurance policy.

A typical policy includes a $ 597 monthly health insurance plan that a consumer purchased with a monthly tax credit of $ 533 and a monthly outlay of $ 65.

Of course, how school enrollment grows in 2021 will depend on the state's economic recovery after the pandemic.

More than 2.1 million state residents have received unemployment benefits since March. About half (660,000 jobs) of Florida's "lost" jobs since April have not been "restored," according to state analysts who said slow job growth is likely to keep Medicaid and ACA enrollments rising. until 2021.

State analysts also said consumers are signing up in Florida for exchange policies after moving from high-paying states like California and New York and taking low-paying jobs without health insurance or, as CMS reported, because they fear the Supreme Court of the United States may attack the ACA and its insurance market.