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2021 Open Enrollment Dates in Florida – Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

2021 Open Enrollment Dates in Florida – Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Enrollment in Florida's health care market each year is the highest of any state in the U.S. More than 1.9 million Floridians enrolled in exchange plans during the 2020 open enrollment period for coverage , approximately 17% of those registered in the exchange in ¡País!

If you live in Florida and apply for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare), open enrollment for 2021 coverage begins November 1, 2020. However, Florida with eligible minors they still get coverage or make changes to their coverage. year 2020.

If you are looking at the health care exchange, the good news is that you will likely find more coverage options this year. Five (5) insurance companies expanded their coverage areas in Florida, and a new insurer, AvMed, entered the market for 2021. On average, premium costs increased modestly by 3.1% for 2021 coverage.

How much does health insurance cost per month for a single person in Florida?

According to the 2020 Market Survey, nationwide, the average monthly premium for an individual with ACA Health Coverage for 2020 was $ 456. For 2021, the average monthly premium in Florida is $ 457 for individual coverage, based on October 2020 Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of data (projected average cost is based on a 40-year purchase of a standard "silver" plan).

Insurance companies on the Florida Stock Exchange to cover 2021

Last year, more than 1.9 million people in Florida purchased their health insurance from one of the seven insurance companies in the Florida market. AvMed has up to 8 insurance companies offering Obamacare / ACA coverage in Florida by 2021. These insurance companies are listed below. Indication of extended service areas for 2021 coverage is indicated where applicable.

  • Ambetter (Celtic): Available in 63 counties
  • AvMed: available in 19 counties
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida - Available Statewide
  • Cigna: available in 11 counties
  • Florida Blue HMO (Health Options) - Available in 50 counties
  • Oscar Health: available in 24 counties
  • Health First health plans
  • Molina

Your options are not limited to the Florida market and your ACA compliant plans. You may be interested in health insurance that focuses on covering high-cost health care. Or you can look for short-term health coverage to fill an insurance gap that you expect to be relatively short-term. Insurance companies can offer short-term health insurance policies for coverage of up to 365 days. In this case, it may be worth comparing an ACA-compliant stock plan (which you can cancel if you sign up and later find that you have other health insurance available) to a short-term policy.

Our priority here is helping people like you find the right insurance to meet your coverage needs, at an affordable price. As part of our commitment to helping you understand your insurance options in the most comfortable way possible, we provide you with access to a variety of health insurance companies and their plans, both on and off the market.

How do I get affordable health insurance during my Florida Open enrollment period?

Through our years of experience helping people find the best health insurance for their personal situation, we share some tips that can help you compare your health coverage options.

  1. Assess Your Personal Needs - Think about whether you need individual or family health coverage. Do you or the members of your family suffer from chronic diseases that require ongoing medical care?
  2. Understand the options you may qualify for: You can enroll in any Obamacare plan while enrollment is open in Florida. For short-term health insurance and other health insurance alternatives, you can apply at any time, but you generally need your medical questions answered and may be denied if you have a pre-existing health condition.
  3. Find out if you qualify for benefits - ACA plans may be available to you through a tax credit, which can save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in monthly fees.
  4. Make sure your doctor is covered.
  5. Online Registration - Complete an application for health insurance online during Florida's open enrollment period.