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Allstate Homeowners Insurance Review and Quotes

Allstate Homeowners Insurance Review and Quotes

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Founded in 1931, Allstate has grown into one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, with approximately $ 45 billion in 2019 revenue and nearly 46,000 employees. The company has about 16 million customers with more than 113 million insurance policies in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Allstate owns several other insurance companies, including Encompass Insurance, SquareTrade, and Esurance. It has an A + financial strength rating from AM Best. In 1952, Allstate also created The Allstate Foundation, a charitable group that gives back to communities, empowers non-profit leaders, helps survivors of domestic violence, and supports students and educators.

Allstate offers a variety of insurance products, including auto and motorcycle policies, commercial insurance, pet policies, and life insurance, along with financial planning and retirement services. You can purchase Allstate products and services directly from the company or through independent local dealers. You can also access Allstate through its website and communicate with individual agents by phone, email, or smartphone app. The application includes tools to identify insurance needs, access company resources, obtain quotes, and update personal information.

In 2019, Allstate insured more than 8 million homes in the United States. In addition to standard homeowners insurance policies, Allstate sells insurance policies to renters, homeowners, apartment owners, and manufactured or mobile homes. The company offers several homeowners insurance options, personalized coverages and discounts, including incentives for energy efficiency promotions and discounts for seniors and smoke-free homes.

What Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options Are Available From Allstate?

Allstate's standard home insurance policies include coverage for the home and attached accessories like a garage. The standard policy gives you protection against damage caused by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, and the weather, including hail, wind, and lightning. A standard homeowner's insurance policy can also include coverage for damage to other structures, such as a detached garage, an outdoor building, a swimming pool, or a fence. You will also get coverage for personal belongings with a standard policy that will help pay for the costs of replacing your furniture, clothing and other belongings in your home. If a visitor is injured on your property, your insurance also includes guest medical coverage and liability protection to help pay for potential medical expenses and lawsuits. The coverage limits for each of these items in the standard policy may not be sufficient for your needs.

Allstate also offers homeowners, renters, apartment owners, and manufactured or mobile home insurance policies. While the coverage is similar to traditional homeowners insurance, these policies are designed to cover things like loss of rental income after a storm or appliances and safes in an apartment that may not be considered personal property.

Allstate offers several optional home insurance coverages to supplement standard coverage limits or to add protection not included in a basic policy. These include:

  • Identity Theft Protection - Helps pay for legal fees, lost wages, and other costs associated with fraud or identity theft.
  • Water Reserve - Provides coverage for water damage caused by pump failure or drain blockage.
  • Scheduled Personal Items - Includes jewelry, collectibles, expensive antiques, and other valuables.
  • Commercial Property - Provides additional coverage for computers and other equipment used in a home office or small business away from your home.
  • Sports equipment: covers skis, golf clubs, bicycles or other sports equipment.
  • Green Upgrade Compensation - Provides additional coverage to upgrade appliances, ovens, or other equipment to more energy efficient models after a loss.
  • Patio and Garden - Cover ornamental plants, trees, and landscaping, or you can provide additional coverage for lawn mowers and other garden equipment.
  • Electronic Data Recovery - Helps pay for the recovery of lost computer data, such as financial records or family photos.
  • Covering musical instruments: Covering valuable musical instruments.

What Homeowners Insurance Discounts Are Offered by Allstate?

Allstate offers a variety of discounts to help you save on your home insurance. To ensure you get the best rate and coverage for your home, Allstate recommends speaking with an insurance professional who can help you determine all the discounts available to you. Some of the preservation methods include:

  • Multiple Policy Discount - When you combine homeowners insurance with an auto insurance policy or any other insurance through Allstate, the company promises to save up to 25%.
  • Easy Pay Plan: Save up to 5% by accepting automatic installment payments.
  • No-Claims Discount: Allstate offers up to a 20% discount for new customers who have no recent claims and are switching to Allstate.
  • Protection Device Discount: Homes with an alarm system or other protection against fire or burglary may qualify for a reduced rate.
  • Early Signing Discount: Allstate offers a discount of up to 10% to policyholders who have signed up for a new policy at least seven days before their current policy expires.
  • Welcome and Loyalty Discount - New Allstate customers can save up to 10% annually on relocating to another company, and this discount will continue each year they stay with Allstate.
  • Homebuyer Discount: New home buyers or those purchasing a new home may qualify for a discount.
  • Responsible payment deduction. If you have a history of good payment practices, such as paying on time or paying in full, you may qualify for discounts.
  • Discount for retirees and 55 years old: Seniors who have stopped working may be entitled to a discount.

What Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverages Are Offered by Allstate?

Allstate has a variety of options for adding or increasing coverage beyond those found in a standard home insurance policy. It is always a good idea to consult with your agent or company representative to determine the best policy for your needs.

  • Personal Awning Policy: Standard homeowners policy includes liability insurance to protect against lawsuits from visitors injured on your property. But these policies have limits and you could be left powerless if the limit is reached. A personal umbrella policy can increase limits and add coverage for attorney's fees and lost wages.
  • Earthquake Insurance - Not included in the standard policy, earthquake coverage can help repair or replace your home and its contents after an earthquake.
  • Flood Insurance - Like most insurance companies, Allstate will likely cover you if water damage from a burst pipe or wash hose fails if the problem is not due to poor maintenance. But floods caused by flooding of rivers, oceans or other bodies of water are not covered. A separate policy is required for this coverage and may be required if you live in a flood zone.
  • HostAdvantage: Allstate is the first major insurance company to offer home share insurance. This additional insurance helps protect homeowners from theft and damage that results from renting their home.
  • Water Reserve - Additional coverage for water damage caused by subsidized drains and basin pumps.
  • Scheduled Personal Property - Insurance for valuable items that the owner has valued, including antiques, collections, and jewelry.
  • Business Property - If you work from home or just have work-related items in your home, you may want to consider increasing your coverage.
  • Sports Equipment - Coverage for you or anyone in your household who stores expensive gym equipment in your home.
  • Patio and Garden: Increased coverage of garden and lawn maintenance tools and machines.
  • Electronic Data Recovery: In the event your computer is stolen or damaged, this insurance can cover the costs of recovering lost data and photos.
  • Musical Instruments - You can purchase additional coverage for musical instruments you own.
  • Green Upgrades Compensation - Additional insurance to help cover replacement of damaged items with more energy efficient appliances.

Other Questions About Allstate Homeowners Insurance

What does Allstate homeowners insurance cover?

Allstate's standard homeowners policy covers your home and other facilities on your property for damage caused by fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, and weather, including hail, wind, and lightning. The standard policy also includes coverage for personal belongings to help replace furniture, clothing, and other belongings in your home. Guest medical coverage and liability protection are also included to help pay for medical expenses and potential lawsuits in the event a visitor damages your property.

What does Allstate homeowners insurance not cover?

The standard policy with Allstate does not include coverage for flood or earthquake damage, both of which require additional coverage and may be required by the lender depending on where you live. Reserving water from a clogged drain or faulty sump pump is also not included in the standard policy, but is available at an additional cost. Valuable artwork, jewelry, or collectibles may require additional coverage, as may a home office if you work from home. If you rent an apartment or space in your home to a tenant, this may also require additional coverage, along with outbuildings or structures that are not attached to the main structure.

How Much Does Allstate Homeowners Insurance Cost?

We estimate a monthly cost of $ 135 for Allstate property insurance for a typical $ 250,000 two-bedroom townhome in Naperville, Illinois. Your costs will vary based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Location - The location of your home and geographic factors, such as regional weather trends, play a large role in determining how much you will pay for your insurance.
  • Size: In general, the larger your home, the more expensive it will be to insure.
  • Age and Condition - Prices may vary based on the age and condition of your home. An old roof that will need to be replaced or building materials that are no longer in use can increase your rates.
  • Insurance Claims Record - If you have little to no insurance claims history, you may see a discounted rate for your home insurance.
  • Property Value - If you have a lot of valuables, you may pay more for additional property insurance.