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How Do I Become a Licensed Health Insurance Agent in Florida?

How Do I Become a Licensed Health Insurance Agent in Florida?

The job of a health insurance agent carries many opportunities, all of which can be lost if you do not have the proper license and documentation to support your service. Unlike other jobs, you cannot become a health insurance agent, especially in a regulated city like Florida. There are a number of processes that must be performed before obtaining a license. These cycles and how to achieve them are some of the things we will discuss.

The 4 Steps to Obtain an Insurance Agent License

1. Enroll in the School For Insurance Agents

The main thing you need to do to get your insurance license is to enroll in an accredited Florida school to get a pre-license. All content is in English, so it shouldn't require too much engagement with English readers.

The cost of running the school program

The cost of a school can range from $ 250 to $ 300, and maybe more, depending on the license you want to obtain. The important thing is that at this price it includes in many cases the study materials: guides, questions, answers, instructions to take the state exam and the basics: a book from the edition corresponding to that year.

Interestingly, getting school insurance does not take long, it is a few hours a week and most of the time, about 40 hours. You can do this on weekdays or weekends, depending on your schedule and availability. Going to school is not the only option; You can study online on specific approved pages. Make sure you choose trusted and verified sites. However, it is best to do this with the physical help of an experienced teacher. Online self-study can be a bit more complicated. However, if you prefer this method, try searching for other prelicenses available on the Internet.

2. Decide on your license type

The type of license you need must be determined; They can:

  1. License 2-15; Agents of Life, Health and Variable Pensions (Agent of Medical, Life and Pension Insurance: This is highly recommended, and is only studied once for all three licenses. The three books are the same, the costs of studies and exams are the same themselves.
  2. License 2-14: Agents of variable pensions for life
  3. License 2-40: Health Agents: Medical Insurance Agent.

3. Preparation for the state exam

This stage is crucial to the success of the exam. It is assumed that you already have an Insurance School Certificate (Certificate of Completion) to complete the course. This document is invaluable as you must submit it to the state as part of the documents for the power of attorney application.

At the school, you will receive exact instructions for accessing the official Florida state website. There you can start processing your documents and then receive the exam date. The approximate cost of preparation is $ 111.00

When you are prompted to complete it, you must take biometrics (fingerprints) as required by the state of Florida. (The approximate cost of a fingerprint is $ 60). It is also imperative that you search for the specific information that matches you outside of Florida.

You must master state websites to obtain a life and health insurance agent (health and life insurance) license. The information on these sites is official and may be very helpful to you.

4. Take the state exam

When you have all the documents required by the state and your finance department, you should request the exam date from a location provided by Pearson Vue. You must determine the date and time well. Try to make it the right choice for you. Find the best day and time that you think you could be doing better.

The test usually lasts one to two hours or more. About 160 questions appear on the computer. You should know that if you take the time to run the test and you haven't finished yet, your computer will shut down or alternatively shut down.

The questions are not illustrative. They are clear and objective questions. That is, the question contains 3 or 4 presumptive answers. The important thing is that you read carefully and mark what it refers to. If it fails, you can run as many tests as you want, but you will have to pay $ 100 each time you request it again.