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20 Easy Snacks to Make at Home

20 Easy Snacks to Make at Home

Stuck at home with a pantry full of snacks? Oh, we wait. Yes, we know the feeling of eating crackers, chips, and crackers before hitting the grocery store, but snacks are essential and we won't let you go without them. Try these recipes for easy homemade snacks so you always have something sweet or savory to eat, especially between your first and second lunch. Read more: Healthy Snack ideas for Toddlers | 2021.

Snacks to Make at Home

1. Homemade cheese crackers

These Cheez-Its replicas are very easy to make and you can customize the type of cheese you are using to suit your tastes.

2. Hummus with spicy avocado

A serving of guacamole and a serving of hummus, this sauce is ideal for the non-decisive. (And yes, you can dip both pita and tortilla chips in this delicious hummus sandwich.)

3. Grilled Crostini Cheese

These Two Bite Mini Grilled Cheeses are the best snack when thinking about your next meal.

4. Broilers S'MORES

No need for a tent or campfire - these saber are sofa-friendly and just as good as the real thing. Chants and ghost stories are optional (but recommended).

5. Grilled vegetable chips

All it takes is high heat and a thin slicer to create these healthy and crispy baked chips. Using a variety of tubers provides an impressive variety of color, flavor, and texture, but if you only have one or two of the suggested ingredients, that's fine too.

6. French fries are easy to make.

Cutting potatoes very thin and coated in oil creates a better crisp chip than packaged potatoes.

7. Easy to make homemade pickles

If you plan to stay home for a while, pickling is a great way to preserve your produce and create a new snack.

8. Chocolate granola

Eat it with your fist or with milk. This granola hits that sweet spot between sandwiches and dessert.

9. Easy Cherry Almond Granola Bars

You will never buy granola bars again when you see how easy it is to make them yourself.

10. Sourdough with whipped cheese, raspberry jam and chia

You deserve a luxury toast. Or lots of thin toast. Start nibbling on your right foot with this snack.

11. Mixed roasted nuts

We all know walnuts are a healthy snack, but they can also be boring. Season and eat warm for a good flavor.

12. Spring crudites with romsco sauce

Keep in mind, this is your challenge to do a little better than eating baby carrots out of the bag and putting them directly into a bowl for dipping. The beautiful presentation gives you the mental comfort you deserve for a snack.

13. Mini cheesecake with yogurt

Greek yogurt makes up the majority of the fillings in this delicious dessert, making it a healthy snack.

14. Toasted edamame

If you have a bag of frozen edamame in your fridge, you basically have everything you need to make vitamin-packed snacks. The recipe consists of four to six servings, but we had a hard time sharing.

15. Bree - Stuffed Pretzel Bites

Soft pasta stuffed with cheese is a personal care.

16. Raspberry Tater Nachos

This children's tray provides lots of energy for snacks. Add as much hot sauce as you can.

17. The watermelon sorbet is a component

Do you have watermelon? Make this 100 percent fruit parfait and it will last for weeks in the freezer (if you don't eat it all first).

18. Gwyneth Paltrow's Raspberry Cauliflower Juice

Adding cauliflower to improve the consistency of the creamy juice might be the best GP has ever done. And now you can too!

19. Squeeze a cup of salted peanut butter

Replace your dessert cravings with this smoothie that mimics all that is good in a cup of peanut butter.

20. Homemade corn chips

In under 15 minutes, you can chop up warm, fresh, and crisp tortilla chips.