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How to get cheaper car insurance quotes

How to get cheaper car insurance quotes

Here are the steps you need to take to ensure you find the lowest rate possible.

1. get quotes from multiple comparison sites

First, visit auto insurance comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket and, as these sites transfer your data to various insurance and brokerage sites to find the cheapest rates. Since no site captures the entire market and prices vary, combining multiple sites is the best way to save money. All four are best used, but if you don't have the time we've arranged them in order by sites that often show the cheapest quotes so you have the best chance of getting the best deal.

The first thing to try on our list is MoneySupermarket , as our analysis shows that it offers the cheapest quote for most people.

2. Check hot deals not on comparison sites

Comparison sites allow you to quickly compare hundreds of insurance companies, but they don't capture the entire market. For example, a large and often competing insurance company, Direct Line *, only delivers its products directly. Get a quote and compare it for the cheapest price on a comparison site.

3. check the best deals and not the comparison sites

If the provider below is among the cheapest deals compared to the deals on the comparison sites, use the link below to buy and take advantage of it.

£ 60 Amazon coupon via LV - for single car policy * (£ 75 for low cost MPV policy)

4. Once you've found the cheapest quote, try to haggle a bigger discount

There is no need to negotiate, especially if you want to try a new provider, but if you are looking to renew with your existing insurance company, it is a good idea to call to negotiate.

Once you go through the steps above and get the cheapest overall rate, pick up the phone and negotiate. If your insurance company can exceed or match your best quote, it will save you from having to change policies. If that doesn't work and you're still in the mood, enlist the help of a moderator.

5. see if you can get a refund in addition to the cheapest quote

Once you know which is your cheapest provider, you need to check that there are no hidden rebate offers. If the second or third offer is not much cheaper, see if there is also a refund available for them and find an overall winner.

However, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the quote will be the same as the one on the money back site because it goes through a comparison site, so be sure to check the cost carefully. Know that the rebate is coming from a rebate site, not an insurance company, so getting reimbursed depends on properly "tracking" the deal online.

6. Finally, check the policy carefully before buying

Once you find the cheapest price, there are two important things to do ...

  • Check the quotes. Click to access the insurance provider's website and read the quote well. To speed up searches, some comparison sites make a few assumptions.
  • Check the coverage of the documents. Check if it fits. If you want a free car if your car is repaired, is it included? While you're there, it's worth playing with the details of the policy to see if you can lower the price even further. Look at redundancy and whether adding controllers reduces costs.