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10 Tests to measure your physical fitness?

Tests fitness

Do you want to test your fitness level? Some find it difficult, but in fact they can do it without the need for an expert or a sports coach, through simple and straightforward tests that reveal some defects in their training program, which must be addressed immediately, which are they can mention in the following points:

1. Sitting and standing test: It is a test that you can do on the floor so that you squat, then get up and repeat 10 times. During this test, you must continue in balance without touching any point on the ground, and the minimum success in it is only 8 times.

2. Quick Escape Test: It is a test related to quick reaction, where you perform a quick and sudden reaction to escape from a specific situation, and determine the quick explosive force, the basic strength of the muscles and the flexibility.

3. Climbing Altitudes: In this exercise, you wear a bag on your back and then try to climb a hill a distance of one mile in 16 minutes.

4. Balance Test: In this test you stand on one leg, then close your eyes and try to balance for at least 30 seconds, with repetitions on each side.

5. The jump test: It is a regular jump exercise with the knees bent, performing a constant vertical jump and the maximum jump distance is 26 inches.

6. Test the strength of the heart by doing vigorous cardiovascular exercises and then measuring the heart rate to know the capacity of your heart to perform aerobic exercises, and the best frequency of these exercises is more than 50 beats per minute.

7. Stair Climbing: In this exercise, try to try climbing the stairs for up to 60 seconds, which is an aerobic strength test.

8. Walking long distances, with relaxed shoulders and the number of steps you take exceeds 200, which determines your physical and aerobic capacities at the same time.

9. Push-ups with one arm, start the timer for one minute, allowing the hips to move, and try to see how far you can go with reps per minute, which largely determines the strength of the arms and hips.

10. Jump Squat Test: During this exercise, you take a squat position, then jump straight and repeat three times, calculating each rep you do, which determines the strength of your leg muscles.