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buruj insurance ksa: What are the rates for buruj Cooperative Motor Insurance?

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What are the prices of buruj insurance ksa for cooperative car insurance, what are the prices of buruj for cooperative car insurance, this question is frequented by citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their desire to subscribe to car insurance, and therefore we will present all the information related to the buruj Insurance Company.

What is buruj insurance ksa?

It is a company of Saudi origin that was established in the eighth year after the two thousandth by a royal decree. The initial history of the company was under the name of the Saudi Pearl Insurance Company, through an agent, and it was headquartered in the State of Bahrain, since 1979 AD. An official branch of the company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the issuance of the decision regarding insurance within the Kingdom. By a group of large insurance companies and with the help of a group of senior Saudi businessmen. It is a branch of a large group of Gulf insurance companies located in many countries, including Egypt, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. The objective of buruj Insurance Company is to insure cars, shops and all property, due to the recent increase in theft, road accidents and fire incidents. Many Saudi citizens make life and property insurance a priority, especially those who live in crowded places.

What are the rates for buruj insurance ksa Cooperative Motor Insurance

What are the prices of buruj for cooperative car insurance? This question is sought by citizens if they want to insure their property, because buruj is the most famous insurance company. buruj cooperative car insurance prices vary according to the type of insurance, as there are three types of it, which are Sanad insurance, Sanad insurance plus, and total insurance. The price also varies according to the age of the subscriber and the type of car. There are quotes offered by buruj for Cooperative Motor Insurance, on national occasions.

Factors that determine the price of buruj insurance

The insurance price varies between companies and some of them and is not a unified price. There are several factors through which the price is determined in buruj for Cooperative Car Insurance, which are as follows:

The new vehicle has a higher insurance price than the old one because the old one is more vulnerable to damage. The age of the vehicle owners, the lower the age, the higher the insurance price. If the city or place is crowded and overcrowded, the price increases. Types of insurance in buruj Cooperative Car Insurance Company

Bond insurance

This type is obligatory for everyone who owns any type of vehicle, which is automatically subscribed to and paid by the Traffic Department when purchasing the vehicle. This insurance is for the benefit of the other person who is harmed in the event of a collision with you. This type of insurance protects the car insured by the company, and also protects the driver from any damage that occurs to him, and it treats the other driver and pays the cost of losses to him.

Bond Plus Insurance

This type is the same as bond insurance, but its price is higher, because it adds that in the event of an accident, the owner of the car insured by the company pays him a sum of money as compensation.

Comprehensive or full insurance

This type of buruj insurance is the best type, and the person who owns any car is not obligated to participate in it, but it is distinguished by the fact that it includes compensation for the losses that occur to each of the two colliding cars.

It also compensates the person if any damage occurs to the car other than the accident and the person does not have any intervention in it, such as fires, floods, or rain.

How to subscribe to buruj insurance ksa There are two ways to subscribe to buruj for Cooperative Motor Insurance, by manually exchanging the steps from the company's traffic department. The other method is electronically via the Internet without any effort for the person and he is in his place at any time by following the following. Log in to the link for buruj for Cooperative Motor Insurance. You will notice that there are two options to renew or buy. Click on Buy, then fill in the blanks with the vehicle's data. Determine which type is right for you. Finally, click on Buy Insurance Policy.