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Taxes are one of the most important forms of public revenue for countries. His theory is of great importance among the theories used in public finance, and is characterized by its important role in contributing to the achievement of fiscal policy objectives; Therefore, many concepts and definitions related to taxes have emerged, which are defined as mandatory obligations determined by countries, and individuals are obliged to pay their value without compensation; In order to provide assistance to states in achieving social objectives, and among its other definitions, there is a contribution of nature in cash or in kind, which individuals provide to the countries in which they live, whether they receive a benefit of public services or not. .

Fiscal development in the economy

Taxes witnessed a development in economic thought along with the emergence of many economic intellectual stages, and the following is information on the most important:

  • Taxes in physiocratic economic thought: a field of thought that appeared in the 18th century AD in France, and the thinkers of this economy were interested in the unified taxes that were applied to agricultural land; It is the only source of wealth, and the owners of these lands are the social group that produces a net income; Therefore, it makes no sense to tax owners of other classes.
  • Taxes in classical economic thought: this thought referred to the need to achieve a balance between estimates of public revenues and public expenditures; As the best financial management is to have a balance in the budget and avoid any risk of the appearance of a deficit in it, in this intellectual stage a set of tax ideas emerged from various economic thinkers, the most important of which are:
  1. Taxes on Adam Smith; Where he was interested in identifying four bases for taxes, which included collection, adequate collection, certainty, and justice, and Smith indicated the need for taxes; Because it is one of the main means of financing in countries.
  2. Taxes at David Ricardo; Where he saw that the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors must stay away from the interference of the states, but when the countries want to face their own expenses, they must deduct the value of these taxes, since Ricardo considers them a type of income by real. real estate that affect the price of real estate, and do not affect the price of the property.

Types of Taxes

There are several types of taxes and each of them has a special field. The most important of these types are:

  • Taxes on people: It is one of the oldest types of taxes known since the Middle Ages; It was imposed on all individuals, and is characterized by the ease of calculating, collecting and imposing it.
  • Taxes on money: they are imposed on all the money of an individual, and are characterized by justice and abundance, but it is not possible to limit all the property of individuals; This encourages them to evade taxes.
  • Direct and indirect taxes: these are the common and widespread taxes in the modern era, but it is difficult to differentiate them. Therefore, it is relied upon to use a set of criteria to compare these taxes, namely:
  1. Stability of the taxable service or product: These are all the materials on which taxes are levied, if they are permanently fixed they are considered direct taxes, but if they are not fixed they are considered indirect taxes.
  2. Collection criteria: It is based on the nature of the administrative body that collects taxes or the method used to collect them, and this criteria varies between countries in the world.
  3. Transfer of the tax burden: the distinction between indirect and direct taxes according to the people who bear them; Where the tax is considered direct when borne by the last taxpayer, while the tax is classified as indirect if it is transferred from the imputed person to another person.
  • Income Taxes: These are taxes that states impose on people who live in their communities and are considered important taxes; Therefore, many different concepts and definitions emerged among thinkers and writers, and these taxes include two types:
  1. General income tax: It is the dependence of all individual income on a single tax, regardless of the multiple sources of income of the individual.
  2. Income tax, also known as specific tax; That is, the tax is levied according to the type of income of the individual, and this depends on the division of the main sources of income; Where there are income derived from work and the salary tax follows.



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